From June 21st-July 5th, 2010 Sing for Hope will bring artist Luke Jerram’s worldwide project ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ to New York City. The event will install 60 upright pianos all over the streets of New York City, in all five boroughs.

Flash back to the mid 70’s as Graffiti writing exploded onto the streets, subways, and buildings of New York City. One nearly unattainable goal reigned supreme among its devotees: going All City.

To go All City meant to have your tag (graffiti signature) on every one of New York City’s subway lines at the same time. With cars constantly being painted over and enforcement being stepped up, this title became the ultimate badge of honor for the few artists who achieved it. But behind the challenge, the concept of All City is rooted in public performance and self-promotion. To have everyone in New York City see your name, your artwork, and to leave your mark on all five boroughs.

Back in present day New York, musician Nigel Hall, is going to try and go All City on the street pianos.

His challenge: to play all 60 pianos in just 7 days.

Dir: Ross Finkel
Camera: Ross Finkel & Edward Guinn
Editor: Jon Paley
Produced by Guagua Productions

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